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Favcy Alpha Day presents episode 1: 91United

In the first episode, Favcy Alpha Day introduced 91United


A collective bargaining platform for blue-collar gig workers. This platform leverages technology & enables gig workers to unite & collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and work conditions. The platform also provides group insurance, tax filing support, loan support, etc. for blue-collar gig workers.

Favcy Venture Builders present: AgREmarket


Building  India’s first agritech platform for agri-brokers to access on-demand buyers for reselling agri-goods with price bidding options and warehousing solutions.

Favcy VB2Consumer presents: RollWrappy


Building a sustainable, eco-friendly food packaging solutions brand that is on a mission to replace single-use plastics and foils.

Favcy Venture Builders Present: LeagueUNO


A community driven platform for college students that combines learning, earning & upskilling in a IPL-style model.

Favcy Venture Builders Present: FinPaddle


FinPaddle is a Fintech platform on a journey to make low-risk debt-linked investment instruments accessible to the common retail investor at small ticket sizes. The platform wants to open up the world of low-risk, high-return asset classes to the common investor, eliminating all setbacks. And they’re building a platform to do just that in a way that’s never been done before.