Favcy VB2Consumer presents: RollWrappy

Opening Day : 13th May 2023

Stage: Product-ready| 1st Cheque

Industry: D2C


Building a sustainable, eco-friendly food packaging solutions brand that is on a mission to replace single-use plastics and foils.

Their first product is RollWrappy - the healthy, ecofriendly way to eat your roti - a versatile food wrap for rotis, snacks and more.

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📝Investor Q&As


You have been an OEM for renowened brands. What was your motive behind going D2C with RollWrappy?



What is the vision and roadmap for other products you are looking to launch? 


What is the addressable market here and what share are you looking to target?



How have you calculated the customer life-time value?



What is the eco-friendly wrap made of and is it FSSAI approved?


What kind of exits can investors expect?


What is the breakdown for the usage of current fundraise?



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