Favcy Venture Builders Present: MercuryEd by Venkat Mandalam & Abhinaya Chandrasekhar

Opening Day : 2nd July 2022

Stage: Pre-product 

Industry: Education Technology


MercuryEd provides specialized interest-based extended education to kids aged 7-13 years via interactive Olympiads. It is an online + offline platform that enables children to explore their outside of school curriculum interests through olympiads, masterclasses and interactive experiences, positively influencing their future success.


The Co-founders

Venkat Mandalam

A seasoned marketing professional with over 13 years of B2C marketing, insights, communications and B2B marketing/business development experience across FMCG, travel, e-commerce and sports. He is ex-P&G and ex-Amazon and an IIM Lucknow alumni. He heads the Sales, Marketing & Business Operations for MercuryEd.




Abhinaya Chandrasekhar

A masterful strategist, Abhinaya has the cumulative experience of more than a decade of working in design and strategy. She is ex-Ogilvy and an MBA from Kirloskar. She co-founded The Unscripted Life in 2017 with Venkat - a company dedicated to helping bright young minds discover the world better. She heads the Product & Customer Intelligence for MercuryEd.


Opening Day Pitch 

In this, the Founder takes us through the Pitch Deck and covers the following topics:

  • Founder's Background
  • Emergence of Idea
  • About the Platform
  • What Problem It is Solving
  • Target Audience
  • Market Positioning
  • Business Model & Plans


When we asked: The story behind the name MercuryEd...


On asking: What does your experience with your previous venture bring to the table for MercuryEd?


When we asked: What sort of competitive landscape are you looking at in this market segment?


On asking: What macros have you analysed to understand the opportunity you're building for MercuryEd?


When Atul Yadav asked: How did you estimate the CAC?


When Atul Yadav asked: How do companies like KidEx compare with yours?


When Atul Yadav asked: How will you divide your attention between Mysticland & MercuryEd?


When Jimish Kapadia asked: What is "Olympiad"? Is it a brand? Can anyone use the term?



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