Favcy Venture Builders Present - CompassTot by Mandar Dalvi

Opening Day Plus: 14th May, 2022

Stage: Product Ready

Industry: Early Child Care and Education


CompassTot is a platform that helps parents set a solid foundation for their toddlers via fun, curated activities.

The platform offers the parents personalized activities in byte sized formats to promote holistic development of their toddlers.

The Founder

A seasoned global executive, Mandar brings to the table 16 years of experience working with clients from Asia-Pacific, Middle East (ME), African & European territories. He has worked at large Insurance & Reinsurance (RI) brokers such as Aon, Religare, Bharat Re & Prudent. 

At Prudent, he was at the helm of starting the RI broking division from scratch. He has also been a part of the founding team of 3Di Tech & advises the board on designing consumer insurtech products. 

Market Positioning


Opening Day Pitch 

In this, the Founder takes us through the Pitch Deck and covers the following topics:

  • Founder's Background
  • Emergence of Idea
  • About the App
  • Solution to Market-needs
  • Target Audience
  • Market Positioning
  • Roadmap & Milestones Achieved


When we asked: What is the problem statement and market gap you are trying to address through CompassTot?


On asking: Can you walk us through your product to help us visualize what you are building? 


When Arunkumar Baskaran asked: What are the pricing points and overall business model?


When Suresh Ponnuru asked: I'm a parent and a user of Flintoclass, how is CompassTot different?


When Deep Kumar asked: Why do you want to go D2C, why not collaborate with pre/ play schools ?


When Milapsinh Jadeja asked: Should'nt the CAC reduce as you grow?


When Arunkumar Baskaran asked: How do you benchmark the program or content to suit all - even international users?


When Karan Gala asked: How is the baseline defined for comparison about whether a child is ahead of his peers?


Current Investors and Round Details


Opening Day Deck:

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