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Favcy Venture Builders

Favcy Venture Builders

Venture Building Platform. We work with exceptional founders who are solving large problems through digital products.

Favcy Venture Builders present - SportoSpot by Pradeep Parashar, Sangram Singh and Vipul Dahiya

Idea-  SportoSpot is a platform that enables parents and patrons to build an online “Sporto Folio” (virtual sports portfolio) for their child’s sports career and get access to expert coaching.


Favcy Venture Builders present - OfExperiences by Lochan Narayanan

OfExperiences is a platform that provides professional growth and development microservices to young professionals who are limited by various self-defeating factors.

Lochan Narayanan

Favcy Venture BuildersĀ present - QThrill by Vikrant Bahl

Idea: Live Quiz-Based Gaming Platform that gives Instant Cashouts to players on a pay-and-play model.

About Vikrant Bahl

Favcy Venture Builders Present - Skillskonnect by Dhiraj Ahuja and Ashima Ahuja

Idea- Gazabjobs is an employment platform that empowers distributors (training institutes, English speaking course centers, cyber cafes) to create their own job portals for effectively on-boarding blue collared and grey collared workforce.


Favcy Venture Builders present - Good Good Piggy by Purva Aggarwal

Good Good Piggy is a digital piggy with embedded investment channel for parents to reward their kids using micro-investments to set financial discipline.