Favcy Venture Builders Present - Hieq by Abhishek Srivastava

Opening Day: 15th January 2021

Stage: Pre Product

Industry: Gig Economy

The Startup

Hieq is building a platform that helps companies hire and manage college students via campus ambassadors for tasks, internships and live projects.

The Founder

Abhishek Srivastava

He is a 2X founder, ex-Apple and an ISB alumni.

Besides co-founding MBAtrek Pvt. Ltd., he has 12+ years of global experience. Along with his MBA, Abhishek has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech, USA and a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

Prior to MBAtrek, he worked as the Head of Business Planning and Strategy for the Enterprise and Education business for Apple India. For 5 years, he worked at Accenture as Business Strategy Consultant and Engagement Manager. He has also worked at Schneider Electric as a Business Development and Strategy Manager and with Trinity Consultants (USA) as a Senior Environmental Consultant in his previous avatars.

Founder's Network: 

Opening Day Pitch:

In this, the Founder takes us through the entire Pitch Deck and covers the following topics:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Key Insights
  • Operating Model
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Business Model and projections
  • Vision

When we asked: What insights lead to the Campus Ambassador-based structure of the platform? 

 When Amit Saran asked: How do you hire Campus Ambassadors and how is it accounted in your CAC expenditure? How do you ensure quality work from CAs ?

When we asked: What is the big opportunity you are looking to grab in the current market where many platforms that offer internships already exist?

When we asked: Do you think you have some unfair advantage that you bring to Hieq with your previous exposure to MNCs and mega-companies?

When kunal Gour asked: How are you different from other pre-existing platforms like Internshala which also employ Campus Ambassadors (CA)?

When Kruti Modi asked: What is your geographical expansion plan for primary and secondary cities?

When Deep Kumar asked: How do you ensure the quality of work? Will corporates be interested if the quality is not up to the mark?

When Tarun Kopuri asked: How do you plan to ensure that the CA is hiring or connecting companies with eligible people and not his personal acquaintances or friends?

When Richard Anderson asked: Do you plan to have a team that appoints new CAs every consecutive year as students eventually graduate?

When Adityan Kayalakal asked: How do you plan on overcoming the short time period ( 2yr window for MBA students at the most) of the relevance of the app in a student’s life?

When Adarsha Marpalli asked:

  • How will you onboard students to become CAs? Shall the CA be responsible for project quality assurance?
  • Who manages the CA? Are you going to have the platform ready in 2022? What does the vision for this year look like?

 Closing Remarks:

Opening Day Deck:

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