Favcy Venture Builders present - Pwn Academy by Aakarshan Harlalka & Gaurav Sawant

Opening Day - 12th December, 2020

Stage - Product Ready

Industry - eSports

Target Market - India


Aakarshan Harlalka

He is an avid gamer himself, and has experimented with various entrepreneurial ideas in eSports and Gaming. With experience of working with Zomato under his belt, he is thrilled about the booming Indian gaming market and is eager to make his mark in the Esports space

Gaurav Sawant

He offers a wonderful blend of knowledge, ideas and expertise when it comes to handling and managing eSports events and leading teams. He has more than 5 years of hands-on experience in gaming and cosplay events and has been an active evangelist in the gaming space since 9 years.


Their opening day video can be accessed here :- 



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You can also view the Opening Day slides here :-

Pwn Academy - Opening Day Slides from Favcy Portfolio